Registrations Tailwind Trailblazer 2023

* Registrations only possible for residents of the Benelux, Germany and Austria.

What is a Tailwind Trail Blazer?

Since its inception, word of mouth has been key to Tailwind Nutrition's growth. Before the Trailblazer program even existed, Tailwind Nutrition US had an unofficial team of avid Tailwind users who started telling their friends about this life-changing sports nutrition. Their friends then told their friends and so on. This is the essence of a Trailblazer.

We are excited to open applications for our 2023 Tailwind Trailblazer team. We're looking for a limited number of super-passionate Tailwind fans to form our Trailblazer team for 2023, and help us spread the word about Tailwind Nutrition. Are you passionate about Tailwind? Do you mainly use Tailwind as your training and racing nutrition? Do you enjoy sharing what you have learned to help others achieve their personal goals? Are you willing to go the extra mile to help us grow and reach more people? Are you active in your community and on social media? Then read on...

Expectations Tailwind Trailblazer

• Use and talk about Tailwind Nutrition products. This is where it all starts and "We want you to practice what you preach!". Share your knowledge and experience with Tailwind. Whether through an online forum, a blog, a tweet, an Instagram or Facebook post or a YouTube video, we want to see and hear you share your Tailwind experience with your friends, fans and community. We believe that athletes listen to other athletes. About 95% of our clients come from referrals (yes, really). We are a grassroots driven organization and believe that the power of word of mouth is invaluable. As we said before, that's how it all started.

• We will contact you from time to time for assistance with our social media, including but not limited to Instagram takeovers, blogs and photos.

• Post the Tailwind logo on your website / blog and mention Tailwind Trailblazer in your social media bio.

• From time to time you may be asked to make a specific post promoting
events/Tailwind Nutrition/offers

• Represent Tailwind at events.
We will provide more details if accepted, but we just ask that our Trailblazers are willing and open to help if possible. Trailblazers can also represent Tailwind in their own community events, such as putting down a tailwind jerry can during a group run/cycling/climbing/hiking/paddle. It's also a plus if you're involved with or affiliated with a local event organization or association and regularly host or attend community events.

• Use Tailwind gear if possible. Let's be honest. Tailwind Endurance Fuel is quite unobtrusive. It is transparent and hidden in our hydration packs, soft flasks or water bottles. Wearing/using a Tailwind shirt, cap, water bottle, soft flask, or other Tailwind accessory lets your friends and fellow athletes know that you are associated with Tailwind. As a result, they are more likely to come to you and ask questions about Tailwind. Then you can do your thing!

Trailblazer benefits

• A nice Tailwind Nutrition discount on the website.

• Stick packs to hand out, bulk bags to share at group events, caps, bottles and other surprises to help you promote Tailwind.

The Nitty Gritty:

• We do not allow competing brand ambassadorships. A competing brand would be any food brand that carries hydration/sports drinks.

• Friendly reminder once again; this registration is only for the Benelux. For all other countries, please follow our respective international Tailwind partners for more information.

If all of this sounds like something you want to be a part of in 2023, then go ahead and fill out the form below.
Registrations close on December 23. The selection will be announced as soon as possible afterwards.

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