About Tailwind Benelux

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Tailwind Nutrition Benelux started with my search for a better sports nutrition

Since I started long-term sporting events such as adventure races, obstacle runs and regular training days on the mountain bike, I have always suffered from being unable to eat during exercise, and getting cramps, and nausea.

After trying many other products and combinations of them, I ended up trying Tailwind in early 2017, starting with a starterpack of stick packs. I found that it actually worked for me.

After buying the product several times in the UK, I got in touch with Mike Julien to see if I could become the reseller for Tailwind in the Benelux.

This was just the right time and since February 2019 Tailwind is now really available from the Benelux.

Xander Lohmeijer

Owner Tailwind Nutrition Benelux

Tailwind Nutrition is all you need for a complete energy supply when you need it most. Before, during and after delivering groundbreaking performance.

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