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Why Tailwind

The main advantages of Tailwind

Easy to digest: no "gut bombs"

Simple and complete: throw away the gels, chews, and pills

Tasty all day long: clean light flavors which taste better the longer you go

Dissolves completely: no artificial colors and water bottles/hydration packs are easy to clean

Natural ingredients: vegan, gluten-free, no soy and dairy

Tailwind Nutrition. Complete energy supply for (endurance) athletes

Throw away the gels, bars, gum and pills and go all day with just Tailwind.

Tailwind mixes with water to meet your calorie, hydration and electrolyte needs, no matter how long your day is going to be. Deliberately mellow, customers describe the flavors as "clean" and "light" with a mouthfeel as close to water as you can get while still meeting your nutritional needs.

Your water bottle and hydration pack will love Tailwind too. Tailwind dissolves completely on contact with water and clears up with a quick rinse. No film, no lingering aftertaste, no sticky mess.

Better absorption

Tailwind's glucose/sucrose fuel takes advantage of how our bodies absorb nutrients. The combination of Tailwind's carbohydrates, electrolytes and water has a synergistic effect, allowing the body to absorb more of each. Once in circulation, the glucose in Tailwind is used directly in the muscles, allowing athletes to continue at higher intensities for longer.


Tailwind's electrolyte profile mimics what you sweat. Tailwind is all you need. Go ahead and donate those electrolyte pills to charity. You don't need them anymore (and you don't have to buy them anymore!).


Not heavy on the stomach

"The three most traumatic moments in my stomach’s career: Spring Break Palm Springs ’91, Lechuguilla at the bottom of the Copper Canyon ‘93, and Gel #6 Leadville ’04. No more! Sipping Tailwind is like having the wind at your back, not like a kick in the gut at mile 45."
- Tailwind Nutrition Founder Jeff Vierling

Not all stomachs can handle the gooey sweetness or hard-to-digest molecules in most sports nutrition products. Taking small sips of Tailwind delivers steady, small doses of fuel that are quickly addressed by the body without straining the digestive tract.

Did we mention that Tailwind is made with natural ingredients and flavors? It blends crystal clear and tastes light and clean so you can drink it all day long. No artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.



We understand that performance is more important than price when it comes to nutrition, but why pay more than what is necessary? See the calculation for a 10-hour race (2500 calories at 250/hour):

Tailwind: 2500 calories Tailwind = €16 Electrolytes = Included Total = €16

Gels 2500 calories: €37.5 (2.5 gel/hour, average price €1.5 per gel)
Elektrolyten: €20 (2 tablets of electrolytes per hour)
Total = € 57,5

And what about proteins?

We researched it. We tested it. We've asked experts so you don't have to. Protein during exercise doesn't improve endurance, but it does correlate with digestive problems.

Studies show no significant endurance difference between carbohydrate-only drinks and carbohydrate-protein drinks. Protein is hard to digest and can shut down your digestive tract during exercise. It can also slow the absorption of carbohydrates needed to rebuild glycogen stores during the critical recovery window. For these reasons, proteins are not included in Tailwind Endurance Fuel. Do you want to dive deeper? Check out JoeFrielsBlog.com here and another article here. (note, in English) See also all sources on the American Tailwind site here.

We do have a delicious recovery drink with proteins for after exercise; Tailwind Rebuild!

Ordered on working days before 17:00, shipped the next day

Buy safely and confidently from the official Tailwind importer/distributor Benelux

Secure payment with iDeal, Bancontact, KBC/CBC and more

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